Case Takenet


Takenet was founded in Belo Horizonte as a startup focusing on mobile content solutions. The company received a BRL 1M investment from its partners (who would later become Confrapar founders). Besides the capital injection, investors used their expertise and network to assist in Takenet’s expansion. After closing contracts with the four mobile phone operators in Brazil, the company expanded throughout Latin America to countries like Chile, Mexico and Colombia. The company also had a contract with Verizon, in the United States. Five years after the investment, Takenet had already become the main gateway in the Americas. The company was then sold to Japanese group Faith Inc. (4295 Tokyo Stock Exchange), resulting in a 92x multiple.

QuickLessons Case


QuickLessons was founded in Rio de Janeiro as a platform for creating interactive B2B courses. Through its VC2 Fund, Confrapar invested in the company in partnership with Affero Lab. Confrapar’s team actively participated in the business model development, and assisted in the hiring of a seasoned commercial team. With a top-notch solution and a well rounded team, the company was able to quadruple its revenues and built a solid client portfolio, including companies like Petrobras, Contax, Americanas, Sky, GVT, Itaú and others. When german multinational Bertelsmann invested in Affero Lab in 2015, the latter decided to incorporate QuickLessons to its portfolio, thus acquiring the Fund’s shares. The exit generated an IRR of more than 60%.


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